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Charlotte Bruder

Charlotte Bruder – Sales Executive

I have over 30 years of catering experience and have been with Festive Fare for 10 years. Drawing on a long career in catering, I have dealt with a wide variety of events from a sit-down dinner for 800 state employees on the Downtown Mall to small, at home cocktail parties for 20. I bring this perspective to every showroom visit with a bride, guiding their vision to match the reality of catering service. Sometimes, I have to rein in the event planners too! I enjoy helping to transform an ordinary setting into a completely unrecognizable space.

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Meredith Jackson

Meredith Jackson – Sales Executive

I was born in Charlottesville, but have lived in Nelson County for most of my life. I went to college in Boone, NC and Athens, GA. While I enjoyed my academic travels, I came running home when it was time to settle down. When it comes to designing, I often say “Simple Elegance” and I enjoy playing with a little color on a neutral or simply stated palette. I also love bringing the outdoors in - whenever I can use outside elements to add to my table tops, I do.

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